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Integrated Operating Rooms

State-of-the-Art is Here...Now!

Integrated OR"They're the best operating rooms anywhere in the state right now," says Wally Szuksta, RN, clinical manager of the operating rooms at Lowell General, referring to the two new integrated surgical suites that recently opened at the hospital. These are the operating rooms (ORs) in which single-port laparoscopic surgery is performed.

"Integrated" refers to how all the operating room (OR) technology ­- including patient information systems, audio, video, lighting and medical equipment - is functionally connected, enabling the surgeon to control all these devices from a single touch screen. The new suites also provide the ideal operating room layout for performing minimally-invasive and conventional procedures.

"Everything is within the surgeon's reach, so he or she doesn't have to wait for someone else to start, stop or change device settings," Szuksta explains. "As a result, the surgeon can complete cases faster and easier."

Equally important, the new technology gives the surgeon the best viewing experience possible, with high-quality, magnified video projected on a high-resolution, flat-screen monitor.

"We're excited to offer our surgical patients the advanced technology of these rooms," says Michael Jiser, MD, chief of general surgery at Lowell General Hospital.

"Now surgeons have complete control over everything in the operating room, all at the touch of a screen," he adds.

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