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Philips 1.5T Open MRI System

Have you ever had an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Image)?

Some patients complain that it's uncomfortable or makes them feel claustrophobic. The new 1.5T Open MRI from Philips Healthcare performs high-quality magnetic resonance scans with a high level of comfort for our patients. Routine and complex MRI exams can be performed in considerably less time than with other magnetic resonance systems in a more comfortable setting for patients.

Excellent image clarity

A magnetic resonance imaging system uses a powerful magnet, radio signals and sophisticated computer so ware technology to create an amazingly clear, detailed picture of internal organs, muscles, connective tissue, and the central nervous systems. This imaging is possible due to the fact that certain atoms in our cells respond or "resonate" lightly in the presence of magnetic fields to create a clear picture of the area. The Philips 1.5T magnet has advanced technology that digitizes the signal directly, enabling radiologists and referring physicians to receive superb image quality in less time.

Increased patient comfort

An open bore MRI system differs from a traditional MRI by the size of the opening, or bore, which is the large cylindrical magnet that the patient lies within. The open bore allows patients to see the exam room and communicate with medical staff, all the time offering patients generous elbow and head room.

The latest technology at a better price means more value for our patients. Our partnership with Shields MRI helps Lowell General Hospital in our commitment to putting patients first in everything we do. For more information, visit and click on "MRI".

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