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Phase III: Maintenance Program

Keeping Your Heart Healthy

Once you have completed the structured, Phase II program, you may go to an independent home exercise program or gym, or continue exercising with us twice a week. As a participant in the Cardiac Rehab Maintenance Program at Lowell General, you can continue your exercise program under the supervision of the Cardiac Rehab staff. Just like a gym or health club, you are able to work at your own pace. You have a place to exercise with the safety and supervision of the hospital and its cardiac care team.

The cardiac rehab center has a variety of fitness equipment available to keep you from getting bored with your exercise routine. You'll find treadmills, rowing machines, arm ergometers, bikes, steppers, and NordicTrak ski machines to choose for your workout. And you'll find the center is a sunny, friendly, non-competitive place where you are welcomed with a smile.

This is a membership based program. For more information on costs and getting started, please contact us at 978-937-6326.

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