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American College of Radiology, Radiation Oncology Accredited Facility

Helpful Hints For Radiation Oncology Patients and Families

In an effort to make your visit to the Radiation Oncology department as pleasant and efficient as possible, we have come up with the following list of helpful hints:

  • It is important that you arrive at your scheduled appointment time, as we make every attempt to schedule our patients for the least amount of waiting time.
  • Please call as soon as possible if you will be delayed for your appointment.
  • Upon your arrival, please check in with the receptionist or volunteer.
  • A musical atmosphere is provided in the treatment rooms for your listening pleasure. Please let your therapy team know if you have a specific preference. If we do not have your requested music, you are welcome to bring in your own MP3 players to be used during your treatments.
  • As a courtesy to our patients, we kindly ask that you DO NOT wear cologne, perfume, or aftershave when visiting our clinic, as certain odors may trigger nausea and vomiting in cancer patients.
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