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CANCER click here for the entire consumer cancer section.
Cancer Research Foundation of America (Section QZ Consumer)
Cancer Survival Toolbox (Section QZ Consumer)
CancerNet (Section QZ Consumer)
CDC en Espanol (Section WA Consumer)
CDC National Center for Infectious Diseases Travelers' Health (Section WA Consumer)
CDC Viral Hepatitis (Section WC Consumer)
CDC Youth Violence (Section WS Consumer)
Celiac and Gluten Free Diet Support Page (Section WD 300 Consumer)
The Center for Young Women's Health-- Children's Hospital Boston (Section WS Consumer)
Child Anxiety Network (Section WM Consumer)
Children with Diabetes (Sections WS Consumer & WK Consumer)
Children's Tumor Foundation (en Espanol and English) (Section QZ Consumer)
CHRONIC ILLNESS (Section WT Consumer)--

CLEFT PALATE-- (Section WL Consumer)--

Cleft Palate Foundation (Section WL Consumer)
CLINICAL TRIALS (Section WA Consumer)-- (Section WA Consumer)
The Consumer and Patient Health Information Section of the Medical Library Association (See also: LIBRARIES)
Consumer Health Library Directory, Medical Library Association (See also: LIBRARIES)


CROHN DISEASE--(Section WI Consumer)--

Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America (Section WI Consumer)
CULTURAL DIVERSITY (Section WA Consumer)--

CYSTIC FIBROSIS (Section WT Consumer)--

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (Section WT Consumer)

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