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Center for Weight Mgt, Success Stories 3Center for Weight Mgt, Success Stories 3

Karen, Tina, Rich and Cooky show appreciation for all of the wonderful people who make a difference at the Lowell General Hospital Center for Weight Management.

Center for Weight Mgt, Success Stories 2Center for Weight Mgt, Success Stories 2

Don, Roberta, Jodie and Ricardo know that hard work can lead to great results when utilizing the tools offered by the Lowell General Hospital Center for Weight Management.

Center for Weight Mgt, Success Stories 1Center for Weight Mgt, Success Stories 1

Kaitlin, Art, Johanna and Brenda express gratitude to the Lowell General Hospital Center for Weight Management for changing their lives and helping them make healthy lifestyle changes.

Potty Training Without Pressure

Every child goes through it

Help your child make it through this first hurdle in life as successfully and contented as possible.

Potty Training can be one of the most difficult times for parents of young children. It seems like everyone who's ever had children is ready to give you advice. Some say start late, some say start early. Some say bribe and/or punish, some say never bribe or punish. So how do you sort it all out? This workshop will review what you already know about potty training and brings you the explanations of the experts. You will learn how to identify when your child is ready and review some aids that might help you while you struggle through this time. You will learn:

  • the importance of potty training
  • 4 basic potty training methods, and
  • common problems that you can expect.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015 from 6:30-8:00pm in Clark Auditorium at Lowell General Hospital's Main Campus 


About the Presenter

Marianne Blanchet, MA, Parent Educator has a Magna Cum Laude education in Psychology. She went on to earn a master's degree in Community and Social Psychology and is certified in Family Systems. She ran a family daycare and has three adult children. More recently, she has an extensive history working with adults with mental illness. She is currently doing social work in a hospital setting with a concentration in grief and loss, and acute, chronic and terminal illness issues.

Public Fee: FREE


To register by phone, call 877-LGH-WELL (877-544-9355).

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