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Center for Weight Mgt, Success Stories 3Center for Weight Mgt, Success Stories 3

Karen, Tina, Rich and Cooky show appreciation for all of the wonderful people who make a difference at the Lowell General Hospital Center for Weight Management.

Center for Weight Mgt, Success Stories 2Center for Weight Mgt, Success Stories 2

Don, Roberta, Jodie and Ricardo know that hard work can lead to great results when utilizing the tools offered by the Lowell General Hospital Center for Weight Management.

Center for Weight Mgt, Success Stories 1Center for Weight Mgt, Success Stories 1

Kaitlin, Art, Johanna and Brenda express gratitude to the Lowell General Hospital Center for Weight Management for changing their lives and helping them make healthy lifestyle changes.

Prenatal Six-Week Wellness Programs Package

Through its partnership with SLS Fitness, Lowell General is now offering a six-week prenatal package for expectant mothers. Using both Yoga and Strength training, the program focuses on developing and strengthening the body for the changes it will experience during pregnancy. Classes are 30 minutes in duration and are held at SLS Fitness on 345 Chelmsford Street in Lowell.

Prenatal Yoga

Sundays, 9:30am
This class provides a nurturing and relaxing atmosphere to enhance the bonding process with your baby while supporting the development and strengthening of your body, mind and spirit during pregnancy. You will learn breathing techniques, stretches and poses to help with aches and pains associated with pregnancy, including joint stiffness, morning sickness, heartburn, swelling, and general positional discomfort.

Prenatal Strength Training

Tuesdays, 5:30pm
Wednesdays, 5:00pm

This class is multi-purpose; it strengthens the body to endure carrying a baby, it prepares the female body for the marathon process of labor and delivery, and it encourages a healthy and mindful return to exercise postpartum. With an emphasis on posterior chain strengthening and incorporation of specific breathing techniques, pre/post-natal classes at SLS encourage optimal fetal positioning in preparation for labor and delivery, and assist in avoiding or minimizing Diastasis Recti (A belly muscle separation due to increased abdominal pressure - a side effect of pregnancy). 

Taught by SLS Coaches, Sara Rivard, and Becky Glass

The package costs $149.99 for the six week program, and includes 3 classes per week; two strength classes and one yoga class.  

Click Register Online to choose an upcoming date; after you've paid PLEASE BRING YOUR CONFIRMATION LETTER/EMAIL to SLS Fitness to begin your six-week session.  

About the Presenter

About Sarah:

“I had a mixed relationship with yoga. From the first few times I stepped on the mat, there was a struggle to calm my mind and focus my energy. I would muscle my way into postures, consequently holding my breath, cursing down dog and any posture held for more than a few seconds. Coming from intense, high energy, exercise like mountain biking, snowboarding, etc. yoga felt like more work than relaxation. Although I struggled with this and at times even hated yoga, I kept going. Every. week. Then, very slowly, I started to choose yoga classes more than once a week. This practice grew on me over 10 years. I finally decided to get certified in Ashtanga through Robin Anderson. This style of yoga was intense and combined my love of movement with flexibility and meditation. Teaching with SLS from the very start, I have continued my education and drive to craft a class “the old me” would be hooked on. Yoga has changed me in such profound ways both physically and emotionally. I hope everyone will give it a chance… just keep coming, try a few different styles, it only gets better! “You are what you seek.”

About Becky:

In 2004, Becky graduated with her Bachelors of Science in Exercise Physiology with a minor in Biology. She went on to work at the world renowned Spaulding Rehab Hospital on the Traumatic Brain Injury Unit. This experience solidified her decision of a career choice in physical therapy, and she graduated with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from UMASS Lowell in May of 2009. Becky has clinical experience with both the adult and pediatric populations, with diagnoses including but not limited to stroke, brain injury, various orthopedic surgical interventions, gross developmental delays and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

In 2013 and again in 2014, Becky completed her greatest achievements, by becoming a Mom to her daughters Lydia & Evelyn. During her own pregnancies, she became aware of the lack of reliable information available to women regarding exercise prior to, during and post-pregnancy. Becky prides herself in her strong knowledge base of the newest recommendations for pre & post-natal exercise. She is truly passionate when it comes to educating other “mamas-to-be” on how to safely prepare their bodies for the marathon process of labor, delivery and managing a newborn at home. 

Becky became a member at SLS in 2011 and has been hooked ever since. She feels honored to be a part of such an amazing and inspiring fitness family.


Public Fee: $149.99


To register by phone, call 877-LGH-WELL (877-544-9355).

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