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Outpatient Services

Outpatient services are medical procedures or tests that are done in the hospital or at one of their certified health care center without the need for an overnight stay. They are sometimes referred to as "ambulatory" services.

There are many different outpatient services offered but each is part of four main types of care:

  • Wellness counseling such as a visit with a nutrition counselor
  • Diagnostic tests such as radiology imaging (MRIs, mammography), endoscopy, blood tests, or a cardiac stress test
  • Treatment such as day surgery, pain management, or emergency care
  • Rehabilitation visits you make on a regular basis to help recover from a condition such as physical therapy or cardiac rehabilitation

Most outpatient care is done on a scheduled appointment or upon a doctor's orders. Your doctor will provide you with information related to scheduling an outpatient procedure, give you a form to take with you for testing or treatment, or direct you to the appropriate department for care.

Many of our outpatient services are offered at off-campus locations such as the Women's Imaging Center, The Surgery Center at Drum Hill, and 20 Research Place. In addition to the hospital's Main campus and Saints campus, these separate facilities are designed for the specific services offered in each and provide a setting that helps ensure a comfortable experience.

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