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Hepatic Artery Chemoembolization

Chemoembolization is a treatment to help control cancer in the liver. After performing an angiogram to locate the hepatic artery, a dose of chemotherapy is mixed with sponge particles and is injected directly in to the blood vessels that feed the tumor in the liver. The chemotherapy kills the tumor cells and the sponge particles cut off the tumor's blood supply and make the tumor shrink.

Although the procedure is not a cure for liver cancer, studies have shown that 70 percent or more of patients experience improvement and, depending on the type of cancer, may live longer. Chemoembolization also may relieve pain and other symptoms, make patients more comfortable and improve the quality of their lives. Another advantage is that the procedure may be repeated multiple times.

To find out if you may be a candidate for this procedure, call your Medical Oncologist or contact the Lowell General Cancer Center for more information.

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