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Routine X-Rays

Skeletal X-rays are used to diagnose and monitor the treatment of broken and fractured bones and injuries to the joints and spine. When X-rays are taken, dense structures such as bones absorb more of their high-energy beams than do skin, muscles, and other soft tissues and therefore appear light gray or white against a dark background.

In addition to imaging services at the main hospital, diagnostic X-rays, including skeletal and chest X-rays, are available without an appointment at our Lowell General Hospital's Chelmsford Campus location.

What to Expect for a Routine X-Ray

Before Your Visit

  • If told to, please pre-register for your appointment by calling 978-937-6429, Monday-Friday, 7:00am-8:00pm or anytime online at Express Registration
  • An Appointment Reminder with specific instructions for your exam will be mailed to you if you pre-register for an appointment
  • Please remember to keep written order from your physician to bring to the exam
  • Obtain copies of any recent films/CD from X-ray exams or scans performed at other facilities to bring to the exam
  • Women should alert their physicians if there is any chance they are pregnant. Although X-rays during pregnancy are generally not considered a serious risk, your physician may advise rescheduling the exam if it's not medically necessary at this time

Exam Preparation

No special preparations are necessary.

During the Procedure

X-ray tests are fast, easy, and painless. You may be asked to change into a hospital gown and to remove jewelry, eyeglasses, or other metal objects. If a medical condition or an injury prevents you from standing comfortably, the X-ray technologist will help you find an alternative position.

After the Procedure

You will be asked to wait briefly while the technologist determines whether the images are satisfactory. If the X-rays are blurry or unclear, new pictures will be taken. A radiologist will review the final images and send a full report to your physician, who will discuss the results with you.

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