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Medical Care

  • To receive the care and health services that the hospital is required by law to provide.
  • To receive quality of care that is based on your healthcare needs, regardless of how the hospital is paid.
  • To refuse to be examined, observed or treated by students or any other staff without jeopardizing access to psychiatric, psychological or other medical care and attention.
  • To give informed written consent prior to the start of specified, non-emergency medical procedures or treatments.
  • To participate in developing and carrying out your plan of care.
  • To receive a detailed explanation from your physician- in words you understand - about the recommended procedure or treatment, any risks involved, time required for recovery and any reasonable medical alternatives.
  • To refuse medication and treatment after possible consequences of this decision has been explained clearly to you.
  • To receive, from your physician, further explanation of a treatment plan when the results or outcome of treatment were not as planned or anticipated.
  • To be included in experimental research only if you give informed, written consent. You have the right to refuse to participate.
  • To participate in ethical questions that arise in the course of your care.
  • To choose a decision-maker in case you are unable to make your wishes known and to set up a plan (advanced directive).
  • To voice complaints about your care and to have those complaints reviewed for prompt resolution.
  • To receive effective management of pain.

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