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Press Release Archive (2016)

A Clear View of Electrophysiology at The Heart Center at Lowell General

Lowell, Mass. - Using a simulation laboratory, complete with equipment, model patients and high resolution viewing, the doctors and clinical staff of Lowell General Hospital participated in a two-day program of education and interactive sessions on advances in care including electrophysiology. The program, led by cardiologists at The Heart Center at Lowell General and staff from industry-leading Medtronic Corporation, was designed to increase medical staff knowledge with a focus on electrophysiology, implanted devices, unexpected heart rhythms, and case studies. The program also provided the community with a unique experience to view the latest techniques for pacemaker and defibrillator placement, detection and treatment of heart disease, along with healthy heart topics.

Advanced simulation technology enabled doctors to train as well as demonstrate procedures performed in the Lowell General Catheterization and Electrophysiology Lab which conducts procedures such as angioplasty, electrophysiology studies, and device implants for the treatment of heartbeat abnormalities.

"The two-day educational sessions we conducted spotlighted attention on heart disease in Lowell," said Dr. Richard Birkhead, cardiologist. "Our intent was to educate health professionals, and provide local cardiologists with technical experience in invasive procedures, raise awareness of heart disease among the community, and initiate some preventative thinking. I believe we have been quite successful."

Lowell General Hospital recently welcomed Dr. Benjamin Smith, the newest member of the Heart Center at Lowell General and Merrimack Valley Cardiology Associates. Dr. Smith is an electrophysiology specialist who joins Lowell General following a fellowship in electrophysiology at Lahey Clinic in Burlington.

"We are proud to continue increasing the access to innovations in detection, prevention and treatment of heart disease in our community," says Norm Deschene, CEO and president of Lowell General Hospital. "By offering full-time electrophysiology services, we can find and treat abnormalities of the heart quickly and with the exact treatment option needed."

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