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May 2007

Rafaela Brana

Central Transport Department

Star Performer, Rafaela Brana"Always smiling and ready to go, wherever and whenever she is needed" is how co-workers describe Rafaela Brana, our May Star Performer of the Month.

Rafaela is a Patient Transporter with the Central Transport Department. She is known for her gentle manner and knack for putting patients at ease. When a patient is anxiously awaiting a test, Rafaela will calm them, always asking, "Is anything I can do to make you more comfortable?"

Rafaela is also known for going above and beyond to serve patients. For example, a patient that had been in the hospital for a few days needed her hair brushed. The patient didn't have a brush, so Rafaela went out to a local store and bought her one. She then visited her every day to help her brush her hair. "Rafaela loves the hands-on approach with patients, and takes this same level of care and sense of ownership to her position," says Helen Wilder, Dispatch Supervisor of Central Transport Services.

Wade Croce, Director of Central Transport Services, says that Rafaela is always there to lend a hand, and treats everyone she encounters in a caring and professional manner.

Rafaela brings this same commitment to her co-workers. For example, she is constantly bringing them treats and goodies. She'll be the first to cover a shift if someone is out sick, even on weekends. She took it upon herself to learn Helen's position so she could cover dispatch responsibilities if necessary. "She really cares about the department and helps her co-workers work to make the department the best it can be," says Helen.

Rafaela lives in Lowell and has a son and daughter. In her spare time enjoys shopping and spending time with her five grandchildren.

Congratulations, Rafaela. You're a Star!

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