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December 2007

Dave Leblanc

Mechanic, Facilities Department

Star Performer, Dave Leblanc"Have no fear, DJ is here!" is what co-workers say when Dave Leblanc ("DJ") arrives to fix an issue. A dedicated member of our Facilities team, Dave is one of the top "go-to" guys in the department, and our December Star Performer of the Month.

Dave has been a mechanic with our Facilities Team for close to three years, and is known for his "do whatever it takes" attitude. His broad expertise, ability to fix almost anything, and vast knowledge make him a valuable asset to the team. In bad weather, DJ is one of the first to rush in and help with anything that is needed to provide a safe environment for our patients and employees. Jay Kiernan, Facilities Supervisor, describes DJ as the "man who gets things done." He notes that DJ takes the time to show staff the solution to an issue, and then makes sure that it is acceptable to everyone.

Whenever there is a safety issue surrounding equipment, he's the first to dig in, get his hands dirty, and then walk away without taking any credit. The Security Team commends DJ for the positive impact he has on patient and employee safety issues. Brian Donovan, Security Manager, recalls a time when The Cancer Center Vault door was improperly functioning, resulting in longer patient wait times and the loss of a treatment room. DJ got involved and didn't stop until he was able to troubleshoot the issue. "His persistence and commitment to all LGH departments and upbeat sense of humor in any situation, makes him a valuable member of the LGH team," says Brian.

This commitment to those he serves is second nature to DJ, who officially retired from the Air Force on December 8 after 22 years of military service with the Air Force. He's proud to have served his country in the Persian Gulf and Iraqi Freedom Fighters, and looks forward to more free time now that he is no longer in the active reserves.

DJ lives in Tyngsboro, and enjoys a variety of sports, especially watching and playing hockey.

Congratulations, DJ. You're a Star!


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