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March 2014

Angelique Blodgett, Performance Improvement

Administrative Coordinator, Regulatory Compliance

Angelique Blodgett“Angelique is a true team player who won’t hesitate to stop what she is doing to lend a hand to any one of us. Whether the project relates directly to her job or to another member of the department, she jumps in with the same enthusiasm. We know we can always count on her,” this is how co-workers describe the work ethic of March’s Star Performer of the Month, Angelique Blodgett.

Angelique joined Lowell General Hospital in November 2006 and worked in Admitting for five years before transitioning into Regulatory Compliance/Quality and Risk in October 2011. She is known as the Ellucid guru for the Regulatory Compliance Department and played an integral role in organizing the merge of hundreds of policies across the main and Saints campuses. Angelique’s actions are directly responsible for the completion of an enormous project and the success can be attributed to her dedication.

“Angelique has a knack for balancing warmth and professionalism into all her interactions. With her constant smile, winning personality, and business skill set, she coordinates with staff throughout the hospital, manages the hospital’s policy and procedure program and supports a team of over 20 individuals with various administrative needs. She seems to do all these tasks effortlessly, though it is carefully and perfectly orchestrated. What I find most unique about Angelique is her ability to anticipate what you need before you even realize you’ll need it. She’s so gifted and has become indispensable to the Regulatory Compliance Department,” said Erin Donovan, Director of Quality and Risk Management.

Angelique lives in Lowell with her husband Jeff and their two children, Miranda and Drew. She enjoys watching her children play sports and traveling to Florida and Myrtle Beach. She is looking forward to the warmer weather so she can spend time with her family at the beach.

Congratulations Angelique! You’re a Star!

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