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December 2013

Vannak Som

Security Department, Main Campus

"Vannak is always positive and accepts any and every assignment with a can-do attitude. Security officers can often be viewed as policy enforcers who are out to punish for violations. Vannak does a great job in breaking that misconception by offering a friendly greeting and smile to every patient, family member and fellow employee he interacts with," says Brendan Riley, manager, Security Department, main campus.

Vannak is a veteran Lowell General employee with over 11 years of experience who continues to improve his performance every year. He has worked all shifts and has been on the third shift for the past few years. He views his co-workers as family and consistently goes above and beyond to assist and support his teammates and fellow employees across the hospital with any needs they may have. He responds to every call for assistance, no matter how large or small, in the timeliest manner possible.

Vannak does a lot of work within the security department by educating new officers on service culture and how security can have a tremendous impact on the Lowell General Experience through First Encounters, such as enforcing patient parking, assisting with way-finding, greeting patients and visitors and asking how and if he may assist those who appear in need.

Brendan Riley ranks Vannak at the top of his list of officers with the highest personal integrity that he has ever worked with. Vannak is committed to TeamWalk for CancerCare and has been an active participant and supporter of TeamWok Karaoke Night, donating his time and money generously over the past two years.

Vannak lives in Lowell and enjoys spending time with his family and friends, loves video games and cycling trails across the state.

Congratulations Vannak! You're a Star!

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