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Dawn Artur

Information Services - Applications Analyst (12 years) 

"At Lowell General, the ability to contribute ideas and improvements to solve problems, resolve challenges and make things better, is exciting."

Dawn ArturDawn began at Lowell General Hospital as an entry level staff member in the Patient Access Department. She took initiative in applying her interests and developing skills to help the hospital improve the patient experience with regards to scheduling, billing, and registration. Today, she helps smooth out processes behind the scenes to help make care at the hospital even better.

With a passion for technology and the role it plays in keeping things flowing, she transitioned into the Information Services Department, working with the technology to support and enhance aspects of the hospital's workings that impact the patient experience.

Dawn supports the many computer applications that are used for patient interaction with the hospital, for example appointment booking with central scheduling and the admissions process - how someone begins their time with us for a test, treatment in the ED, surgery, or arriving from a nursing home or upon their doctors request. There are processes for insurance verification to help reduce the confusion and paperwork for patients and ways to be sure that people needing interpreters have the right person scheduled to help them at the time of their appointment. Additionally, data and statistics needed to be gathered to support care and reporting without requiring a lot of staff time. Having known all the aspects of those processes, finding ways to support them with the right technology was a perfect fit for Dawn.

Dawn's efforts improve the ease of a patient's ability to receive care and for the caregiver to deliver it. And she is proud of the results of her work, "Improvements to workflow can help improve the access to care and make it easier for a patient to be served. And the end result? We can take better care of the patient."

Knowing that she helps every patient who comes in contact with Lowell General Hospital, Dawn feels good about making a difference in the job she does.

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