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Nursing Professional Development

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At Lowell General Hospital we understand that to provide exceptional care to our patients, we must provide the same level of attention to the nursing professionals who care for them each day. This is why we consistently seek to develop new programs to help our nursing professionals gain the skills and experience they need to reach their goals and fullest potential. Here are just a few of the programs we are proud to offer.

Nursing Grand Rounds
Nursing Grand Rounds are offered 2-3 times per year and feature clinical case presentations by the nurses involved in providing the patient care. Nursing Grand Rounds strengthen relationships in the nursing division through networking and help nurses appreciate each other and their varied roles throughout patient care at Lowell General.

Clinical Mobility Programs
We believe in the continued development of the professional nurse and offer individualized mobility programs to allow our nurses to move from one specialty to another. Guidance is provided by specialty Nurse Educators.

Clinical Advancement Program
The Clinical Advancement program recognizes nurses who consistently excel in their role as a nurse and recognizes achievements in the areas of Clinical Expertise, Professional Accomplishments, Nursing Contributions, and Education and Certification. Incentives are provided to those nurses who adhere to the Lowell General Hospital Standards of Performance and the requirements of the Clinical Advancement Program.

Rivier University, University of Phoenix and UMass Lowell Discount Tuition
Employees of Lowell General are eligible for a 15% discount on tuition at Rivier University, 8% discount on tuition at University of Phoenix and 10% discount on the Master of Science in Health Informatics and Management (HMP) program at UMass Lowell. All universities offer a variety of courses for nurses returning to school for further degrees or specialty certificates.

Courses in Mind/Body Medicine
While a variety of clinical courses are offered at Lowell General, the expanding field of mind-body medicine deserves special attention and is addressed through classes offered to staff on-site.

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