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PFAC Activities

Highlights of Lowell General PFAC activities September 2012 through September 2013

This year was primarily focused on building our new Patient Family Advisory Council, with members from both the Main Campus and Saints Campus PFACs getting to know each other, developing new processes and directions, and discussing past initiatives and member interests. Our first meeting together was in December 2012. We rotated meetings between our Main campus and our Saints campus.

We spent time at each of our meetings on developing new by-laws for the PFAC. The process and discussion reflected our growth and the enthusiasm of our members. The new by-laws were accepted at the June meeting. A copy is available upon request. New elements of the by-laws include: expansion on the role of the PFAC Co-chair including nomination and election procedures; further clarification of Active Membership role including the term to consist of one year, renewable each year for a maximum of three terms; and the addition and definition of membership categories – Emeritus, Associate and Alumni/ae.

Members reviewed the Lowell General Experience model of Complete connected careSM and the six dimensions used to help organize and think about the patient and family experience. They are: First Encounter; Touchpoint/Meaningful Encounters; Transitions; Healing Environment; Quality/Outcomes; and Lasting Impressions. Staff use the same model to support improvement initiatives. Ongoing PFAC discussion and focus will better coordinate initiatives and priorities hospital-wide, strengthening the relationship and efforts of the PFAC and staff. PFAC members input emphasized the need for the use of simple language in explaining processes and procedures in making the unknown known.

This year included several opportunities for the PFAC to participate in activities in the community that relate to PFAC interest areas as well as to the group's further growth including: 

  1. PFAC Co-Chair Paul Murray, Sr. attended the first Massachusetts state-wide PFAC Conference in May in which over 170 registrants from more than 40 PFACs participated. Paul Murray presented highlights from the conference to the PFAC, including two workshops "The PFAC Role in Improving Care in the Emergency Department" and "Running a PFAC – Best Practices". He also presented ideas for future directions for our PFAC such as deeper involvement in specific service lines and areas.
  2. PFAC members participated in a focus group as part of a community health needs assessment being conducted by Lowell General and the Greater Lowell Health Alliance, with facilitation through UMASS Lowell. We will review the report and recommendations when it is made available later in 2013.

Please click here to view the entire Lowell General Hospital PFAC Annual Report for 2012-2013.

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