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Your Role in Patient Safety

These are ways you can help us give you the best care:

  • Speak up if you have questions or concerns about your care.
  • If you don't understand something, ask ! It's your body and you have a right to know.
  • Tell your doctor or nurse if something doesn't seem quite right.
  • Expect health care workers to introduce themselves when they enter your room and look for their identification badge.
  • Tell the health care worker right away if you think he or she has confused you with another patient.
  • Know what medicines you take and why you take them.
  • Know what time of day you normally receive a medication. If it doesn't happen, ask your nurse or doctor why you didn't get your medicine.
  • If you do not recognize a medication, be sure that it is for you.
  • Make sure your nurse or doctor knows who you are, that is, checks your wristband or asks your name before he or she gives any medication or treatment.
  • Be involved in all decisions about your treatment... you are part of the healthcare team.
  • You might want to ask a trusted family member or friend to help you. They can help remember answers to questions and speak up for you if you cannot.
  • Write down important facts your doctor tells you, so that you can look for more information later. And ask your doctor or nurse if he or she has any written information you can keep.
  • Ask your doctor the purpose of any new test or medication.
  • Read all medical forms and make sure you understand them before you sign anything. If you don't understand, ask your doctor or nurse to explain them.

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